It Will Feel Normal

Today I heard something that blew my mind. I was listening to a coaching call via podcast of a woman being coached by Brooke Castillo. Brooke said something that totally clicked for me and I had to pause the audio to digest it.

The woman was being coached on her thoughts about her business and how she wanted to reach a certain number in sales. A lot of circumstances and thoughts and feelings were discussed. Then at one point, Brooke explained something that I had never considered before, at least to this degree.

Brooke told this woman that when she reaches her goal, it will feel normal. (Really?) She said it’s not going to feel like she won the lottery. The reason for this is because she will have already experienced that feeling because of her thoughts. Her thoughts create the feeling of reaching the goal, which drives the action, which creates the results (in this case it’s sales), which reinforces the thought she had about it to begin with. She will have already experienced what feels like, and so when it is realized, it will feel normal. For example, Brooke said that when her coaches (the people she has trained to be coaches) make their first x amount of money, they don’t come to her surprised and ecstatic as if they had won the lottery. It feels normal. They were already there.

Now I’m looking for ways I have experienced this in my life, because I know I have, and I’m excited to think of ways I can experience this in the future. One way from my past is how I became a Pure Barre teacher. At one time, that did not sound normal for me. At some point, I had thoughts about how it would feel to me, which triggered my actions of training and practice and becoming one. Realizing that goal felt really good, but it also felt normal because I already had already been experiencing the feeling first.

As a kid and a teen I had no idea how to keep my room tidy, and imagining myself with the skills to do that was totally foreign. At some point, I had thoughts about having a tidy space, which created feelings of what it would be like, which triggered my actions of learning and practicing. Over time I have learned a lot about it, and now even though it feels really good to me, it’s also basically normal.

For the future? I want it to feel normal to have the funds to be a true philanthropist. I want it to feel normal to have no financial obligations. I want it to feel normal to use my creativity regularly in ways that I think are fun. I want it to feel normal to have healthy meals planned and always ready to make (I’m getting close). I want it to feel normal to be able to speak in front of people at a moments notice. I want it to feel normal to perform in front of people.

I have the power to start having thoughts and feelings right now which will drive my actions to have all of those things! And when it’s all realized, it will all feel normal (and pretty awesome)!

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