My “Why”

Here I go. I’m feeling all excited, unsure, a bit confident, and a lot overwhelmed by the flood of learning I have invited into my life, and I can hardly absorb it all fast enough.

A deeper understanding has come to me of my (and everyone else in the world’s) ability to create, to bring about goodness, and to truly overcome and BECOME. I know I have something valuable to offer (as does EVERYONE), and I can either allow time to pass and experience progress little-by-little as I go through the course of time, OR I can deliberately CHOOSE what I want to create in my life.

I’m choosing to create.

This concept isn’t entirely new to me. However, in a very a significant way it’s completely new because I’m soul-searching in a way I never have before. I’m figuring out what I actually want. Much of what I want, I already have. (What a terrific feeling!) It would frankly be quite comfortable to simply revel in my gratitude and stay basically hidden.

But my spirit knows better.

I want to be an influence for good in the world. I want to develop my strengths talents in ways that will serve me, my family, and everyone I connect with. I want to connect with people more. Really connect. I want to be a spreader of love. I think that’s what I’m here for.

So, it’s kinda like standing in line for a roller coaster ride that I’ve never been on; I’m excited just thinking of thrill ahead, I have some knots in my stomach, and I also know that I might not love everything about what’s coming. But I’m committed. Right now, I feel alive, real, vulnerable and FREE.

No turning back.

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