I have been going to the same nail salon for many years. Usually there are just two ladies who are working, and they know me by name. Many times I have been the only customer present. On one occasion, I asked if they give each other pedicures and manicures when the store is slow (cause that’s what I would do if I was at an empty nail salon with a friend all day).

My sweet nail lady shook her head and told me she wouldn’t enjoy it. She explained that she is fine being the one who provides the service, but she can’t receive it. She said she doesn’t like to be served.

At first I thought “oh, okay, to each their own.” But the more I thought about it, I wondered how this might spill over into other aspects of her life. I became curious about why she seems to have a problem with receiving service. I was saddened to think of what she may be missing out on by not allowing herself to receive.

Am I also preventing myself from receiving in some way ?

If I think that receiving _________ (service, money, fill in the blank…..) is not good or I disapprove of people who have that, then I will live my life in a way that doesn’t bring it into my life. Hm.

Receiving is good.

Upon the decision purchase a new home, I had some thoughts and feelings of doubt regarding my “worthiness” to receive this blessing.

I had to step inside my brain and then listen to the Spirit to help me remember that Heavenly Father loves us and has a hand in our lives. He has spiritual and temporal blessings prepared for us and it’s okay to be ready to receive them; in fact he wants us to have them, especially when He knows that we will share those blessings with others.

I like to think of the new house (and everything else I am blessed with), as Heavenly Father’s, not mine. He is granting me comforts and talents, and my job is to share them. I’ll probably receive more of them as I do. 

In the book “The Law of Divine Compensation” by Marianne Williamson, she states:

As long as we’re making money righteously,

[my insert: As long as we’re receiving_________ righteously],

we’re not only receiving a blessing

but also extending one to others.


The more God can bless me (both spiritually and temporally– receive), the more He can truly utilize me for good. I just have to be willing to receive what He has to give. I have to believe that I am capable of being an instrument in His hands for good. 

Becoming the best version of myself involves more receiving.

What am I holding onto that is preventing me from receiving?

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